Natacha Cunningham (MD) Zest Property Group

Samantha always pulls it out of the bag. Often with no lead time at all and with a ‘brief’ resembling the Rosetta Stone. Samantha’s patience is heroic and she often delivers what ‘I think I want’ into exactly what I didn’t know I wanted!

She is a creative wonder with the added and rare talent of paying exceptional attention to detail – often spotting potential problems and that ever pesky spelling mistake (mine not hers).

If you are loyal to her, she will give back ten fold ensuring you look good in the wake of impossible deadlines. Samantha has done work for me for years and is not geographically challenged – whether its from her studio in Johannesburg, or Stellenbosch or now from Toulouse France, she gets it done and delivers. I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha any day of the week! …