Secure First

A company offering complete home and business security installations including gate automation and delivery of compliance certificates. Your A-Z go-to security installation company based in Johannesburg. The company was called CSS Technical and this limited their offering to B2B and B2C opportunities as they were affiliated with an already established armed response company.

The new brand development included finding the right Brand name as well as a company positioning line to be re-launched across all communication channels.

We came up with the brand name “Secure First” and it’s positioning line, “your first line of defense”. As secure First makes sure that your home or business is fitted with state-of-the-art-security installations, literally the first step in securing one’s property before any armed response or guarding services are put in place.

Below is a selection of the Brand, Advertising and Promotional development:


Brand Manual Brand Book showing full CI roll-out:

Company Name Change Media Press Release :


Corporate Clothing and Vehicle Wrap Development:



Flyer Designs:




E-Mailer Promotional Template Designs:

Emailer template 4Emailer template 1Emailer template 3Emailer template 2


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