Fibrehoods is a leading fibre network distribution company providing aerial Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) bringing high speed internet to suburbs across the Gauteng region in South Africa. The company has since been acquired by Vumatel and therefore the website does not exist anymore. Here is a selection of their brand and advertising development including screen captures of their full website creation.


A few examples of the promotional outdoor posters created for the company:



Outdoor Street Pole ads created for the company:



Outdoor Telescopic Banner Design:




Company Brochure : Digital Version (Also produced as printed material)

Fibrehoods infographic flyer E-DOC



Brochure targeted at Complex and Apartment Building Inhabitants on how to get fibre installed in their areas:

Complex Form final_Page_1
Complex Form final_Page_2




fibrehoods_website_1 fibrehoods_website_2 fibrehoods_website_3 fibrehoods_website_4 fibrehoods_website_5 fibrehoods_website_6 fibrehoods_website_7