Digital Marketing

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Today no company can ignore the impact of the internet on business and how it has changed the way we market to our clients.
Before it was all so easy, a company or a brand message was easy to control. Now with the internet everything has become interactive as well as it being fragmented over many different online social channels and devices therefore no-one can control the message.
Every business needs to know who their customers are and what they are doing online because on-line is where the customer finds YOU! Only when they find you do you have a unique opportunity to engage with that customer.


  • Web Design
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Social Media Post Creation
  • Adword Campaigns
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Campaigns / Newsletters
  • Customer Surveys
  • Digital Research
  • Digital Strategy
To try and find the best places and ways to communicate with your existing and potential customers a few fundamental processes need to be put in place.
    • A Situational Analysis tells us what is happening in your sector of activity now in terms of the business, competitor activity, current digital activity and an in-depth swot analysis will allow us to find new opportunities and improve weaknesses.
    • We get to know your target audiences and create customer profiles from historic and current analytics results, research, as well as previous or new customer surveys.
    • Profiles are broken down into unique user types/personas and prioritised.
    • We get to understand the channels that each persona uses and how we can market to them and where to engage them online.
    • Digital objectives / Goals are put in place to make sure that we can measure the impact of each online digital action.  Goals must align back to target audiences and their channel usage and be put into an actionable timeframe. After analysis an outline of digital marketing channels per target audience is provided.
    • A calendar-based Action Plan is then developed considering all the collated information.
    • Approximate budget costings per action are then calculated including the man hours required by internal staff to devote to each action where necessary. This is usually presented in table format showing monthly spend as well as overall spend.
  • Weekly and monthly reports are provided to allow flexibility within the action plan to keep well-performing actions or eliminate non-impactful ones.